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Wine, Peppers, Show, Truck (where did November go?)

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Lydia early in the AM

Lydia @ Equine Affaire, early in the morning


Equine Affaire Trade Show -

Whew!  November came up soon, and went by in a breeze!  We started the month in West Springfield, MA for the Equine Affaire trade show.  4 days of horse people and horse products and hype and retain business!  This is our 9th or 10th year at the show.  This year my daughter Lydia and son Garrison came to help set up the booth and sell to the masses.

The production for this show take up the few weeks leading up to it.  We bring A LOT of chocolate.  It is fun, but it is definitely work.  The show goes 11 hours each day.  Talk  talk talk eat quickly then talk talk talk.

A lot of people shop our booth year after year, sometimes bringing lists with them.  The Toffee and the Salted Caramel are very popular, and the Hunt Cap Truffles are a signature piece.  We get compliments galore and the best one is “I’ve been looking for you”.

The Peppers Are In!

hottest peppers in the world

Fresh Scorpion, Fatali & Habanero peppers

Each year we have peppers grown for us in an organic greenhouse.  You can’t buy these peppers like this, the commercially available ones just pale in comparison.  We get awesome, large, healthy, fabulous and extremely hot peppers for the truffles and mousse.  A few kinds of Habanero, the Ghost Pepper, Fatali (my fav), the Trinidad Scorpion… These are all the hottest peppers in the world.  When they are grown organically, the flavor in quite enhanced.

We dry the peppers in the entryway to the kitchen.  Walking past the veggie-dryer during this process in will open your sinuses!  It goes on for over a week.   After they are dried, we grind them in to powder for use in chocolates, toffees and desserts.

If you’ve never experienced the Hot Pepper Chocolate with a little red wine, I urge you to do so immediately!  Please try MY pepper truffles, as I believe they are pretty well balanced.  I haven’t tasted that experience with pepper truffles from any other company.

wine chocolate pairing

Wine & Chocolate Pairing

Wine Pairings

We have had a couple of Wine Pairings too… Good ones!  We had one here in the store and two at public events.    When I do this, I like to have four wines: a cheapo, an extroadinary bottle under $15, a nice one and an expensive one, fairly exceptional.   They are all matched with a chocolate.

Typically I like to show that wines don’t have to be expensive to be wonderful.  Also, I talk a lot about flavors and how we taste things as people.  Wine and chocolate are pretty extreme flavors!  So, people walk away with feeling closer to fine wine and chocolate.

The next wine tasting in the store will involve plain chocolate ganache, ramikens of spices and four good wines.  People smell the spices, mix with the chocolates & taste the wine with it.  A great way to experience food!


Brian jumpstarting the truck so we can drive it home

Brian jumpstarting the truck so we can drive it home

The New Truck!

On the first of the month we got the next member of the catering team… a Hostess Delivery truck!  This came from the auction of the Hostess bakeries.

It’s a ’97 Freightliner with a Grumman aluminum body.  It holds everything I could want to haul to catering gigs and trade shows.  We outgrew the van last year because quite often we’ll have two catering gigs on the same day, or one giant gig that just pushes our limits.  Now we can supply larger events and even festivals!

The neighbors think it’s ugly.  They don’t see it like I do.  I see a killer paint job, the logo on the side and custom fit interior for Unbridled Chocolates!

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Caramel – Art via temperature

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Organic Salted Caramel

Organic Salted Caramel

I love caramel.  It hasn’t always been that way.   Those cellophane squares that come in a 1 pound bag?  Boy are they horrible!  That’s what I thought caramel was, until I started making my own.

Caramel is typically only sugar, cream, butter and corn syrup.  We took away the corn syrup, gave it sorghum syrup instead.  We took away the white sugar and replaced it with organic, single process Demerera sugar.  The butter?  Organic, local to New England.

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Testing Wines for an Upcoming Event

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Nice wines, didn't pair well with any chocolate

Nice wines, didn’t pair well with any chocolate

So, later this week I’ll be hosting a wine and chocolate tasting for 75 – 90 people.  In order for it to be successful, I have to match wines with chocolates.  People are paying $50 for the privilege of tasting 4 wines, 4 chocolates and listening to me talk about each.  The wines have to be unique and the chocolates have to be special.

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Welcome to our new site!

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We’ve relaunched our site with an emphasis on the finer things in life… delicious hand-made gourmet chocolates, fresh local ingredients, fine organic dining, masterfully catered events, carefully selected wines, and love of the kitchen (and life itself.)

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